Quick Driving Directions to Space View Park in Titusville

"The front row of the balcony for a rocket launch" - Ozzie

- Find your way to the Eastbound routes of State Route 528, SR-50, or SR-46 to Interstate 95.
- Drivers on SR-528, the Beach-Line Expressway, need the left lane exit to SR-407 to I-95 North.
- Drivers on SR-50 need to turn onto I-95 North.
- Drivers from SR-46 drive I-95 South.

- Take I-95 to Exit 220 at State Road 406. This is the exit for the Canaveral National Seashore, the Merritt Island NationalWildlife Refuge, and Historic Downtown Titusville.
- Take SR-406 (Garden St to the locals) East 2 miles.
- Don't just pass by the local "fast food" outlets you find on SR-406 - pick up a "Fast Food Picnic" to enjoy while waiting for the launch. (there is Burger King, KFC and 7-Eleven in walking distance of the park)
- Proceed along Garden St, past US-1 and turn right (South) onto Indian River Blvd just past the Beach Wave store. If you stop at Beach Wave to buy a Lawn Chair (or a Sweatshirt), tell them Ozzie in the Park said to say 'HI'.
- The Wells Fargo Bank at the corner of Broad St and Indian River Blvd is your lext Landmark. Park on Broad St if you can. Parking behind the bank is $25 on a day when a crew is bing launched, but should be free during uncrewed missions. (the ladies on board object if we try to speak of 'Manned Launches' these days).
- Turn left (East) onto Broad Street, and follow it to the end, where Veteran's Memorial Park and Space View Park are co-located on the river.
- If driving North on US-1, turn right onto Broad St where you see the sign directing you to Veterans Memorial Park.
- Try to park along Broad St, or park behind the Wells Fargo Bank.
- Damage to the riverfront near the Mercury Monument from Hurricane Irma has had funding approved, but until repairs are made Launch Audio is being provided under the flagpole of the co-located Veterans Memorial Park.
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There will be a lecture at T Minus 30 minutes about the rocket, the payload, and where to look. Then the Webcast starts at T Minus 15 minutes before launch.

Tap 1 for Current Launch Status.

• Atomic Clock app for Android. 🕰️

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